Fusion Strength and Performance Technology

Fusion Strength

Today we have presented Movistar Fusión, a new offer that takes a vital step in that strategy that defines us as a company and that involves pampering customers. A year ago we started a major change that has resulted in a healthier company that understands customers better. Movistar Fusión represents an integrated telecommunications offering that was created with the aim of becoming the best and most competitive in the sector.

Fusion Strength

Movistar Fusion is the most important move we have made for our clients in Spain in recent years and, as I said, makes the client the center of our decisions. In fact, of the many focus groups, calls, surveys and questions that we have asked users to design this offer, two figures caught our attention: 8 out of 10 clients consider it essential to have all services with the same operator and 6 out of 10 believe that Movistar is the operator best qualified to do so. The message was clear: customers want to have all their communications with a single operator, they want simplicity, transparency and to be able to save by having everything with the same company. And with a single invoice. And since we listen to our clients, we are going to give them what they ask for. All services with us and a single invoice for the client to see in a single paper, physical or online, what is billed for landline, mobile, ADSL, Fiber or Television.

If I had to highlight the main values ​​of Movistar Fusión, I would say that it is a complete, simple and inexpensive offer of communications and leisure services. It also has an essential value and is that it is customizable by the client, depending on their needs. Movistar Fusión prices will be final prices and forever, and for the first time, customers will receive a single invoice with all their integrated products.

It has been a difficult year for all of us, but I think we can say with satisfaction that we have been brave and we have turned the market around. With Movistar Fusión we take another step in this strategy. Perhaps the longest, most important, and riskiest step we’ve ever taken. Customers will be the ones who will tell us in the coming months if we are on the right track.