How to Block Access to a Web Page on Android

Smartphones have turned out to be one of the most useful tools to appear in recent years. But, that does not mean that all are advantages. They are perfect devices to waste time on the Internet or for the little ones to access inappropriate content. Therefore, in this Techy2Tech guide, we tell you how to block any portal and application easily on Android.

How to block access to a web page on Android

In this article, we explain some methods to block access to a website on your Android mobile. We tell you how to do it quickly and easily.

Block Web Pages on Android with BlockSite

The best way to block a website on your Android device is by using the BlockSite app. You can get it safely using the link that you will see right here

Once installed on your device, open it to start blocking. You need to grant it some permissions, such as the ability to show up on other apps.

After granting all the necessary permissions and closing some ads, click the button to add sites.

A search engine and some suggested pages will appear on the screen. Use the text field to write a URL and click the + button to add a site. Additionally, you can block access to applications on your device. BlockSite will tell you if it is a website or an application. As an example, we are going to block both the YouTube portal and its application.

What’s the score? First, blocked pages and apps appear in the list on the main screen.

When trying to access a blocked website or application, this message will appear on the screen.

There is no way to bypass it. However, it is very easy to return to BlockSite and disable the lock. To prevent this, we suggest that you add a password that does not allow changes to the block list. This option is available in the BlockSite settings.

Block access to web pages from Google Chrome

Google Chrome does not officially allow blocking specific web pages. If that is your wish, we recommend that you follow the steps in the previous method. However, it does have a potentially dangerous site blocker. You just have to go to the settings and click on Privacy and security.

Block A Websites

  • There, tap on Safety Browsing.
  • Finally, activate the Enhanced protection option.
  • From now on, Google Chrome will block those websites that have been identified as harmful by the company.
  • Parental control apps: safety for your whole family

The use of parental control applications will allow you not only to define which sites cannot be viewed, but also to prevent calls from being made, the device from being used for an excessive time, or certain games from being installed. It is also the ideal way to avoid unauthorized purchases. Some of these applications are Google Family Link or Screen Time. Remember that all of them are focused on creating a safer environment for the little ones in the house.

If you want to know better the entire universe of applications available in this field, take a look at our selection of parental control apps for Android, where you will find utilities to block web pages but also to control many other aspects of life directly related to security and the privacy of yours.

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