How to Block Access to a Web Page on Android

How to block access to a web page on Android

Smartphones have turned out to be one of the most useful tools to appear in recent years. But, that does not mean that all are advantages. They are perfect devices to waste time on the Internet or for the little ones to access inappropriate content. Therefore, in this Techy2Tech guide, we tell you how to block any portal and application easily on Android.

How to block access to a web page on Android

In this article, we explain some methods to block access to a website on your Android mobile. We tell you how to do it quickly and easily.

Block Web Pages on Android with BlockSite

The best way to block a website on your Android device is by using the BlockSite app. You can get it safely using the link that you will see right here

Once installed on your device, open it to start blocking. You need to grant it some permissions, such as the ability to show up on other apps.

After granting all the necessary permissions and closing some ads, click the button to add sites.

A search engine and some suggested pages will appear on the screen. Use the text field to write a URL and click the + button to add a site. Additionally, you can block access to applications on your device. BlockSite will tell you if it is a website or an application. As an example, we are going to block both the YouTube portal and its application.

What’s the score? First, blocked pages and apps appear in the list on the main screen.

When trying to access a blocked website or application, this message will appear on the screen.

There is no way to bypass it. However, it is very easy to return to BlockSite and disable the lock. To prevent this, we suggest that you add a password that does not allow changes to the block list. This option is available in the BlockSite settings.

Block access to web pages from Google Chrome

Google Chrome does not officially allow blocking specific web pages. If that is your wish, we recommend that you follow the steps in the previous method. However, it does have a potentially dangerous site blocker. You just have to go to the settings and click on Privacy and security.

Block A Websites

  • There, tap on Safety Browsing.
  • Finally, activate the Enhanced protection option.
  • From now on, Google Chrome will block those websites that have been identified as harmful by the company.
  • Parental control apps: safety for your whole family

The use of parental control applications will allow you not only to define which sites cannot be viewed, but also to prevent calls from being made, the device from being used for an excessive time, or certain games from being installed. It is also the ideal way to avoid unauthorized purchases. Some of these applications are Google Family Link or Screen Time. Remember that all of them are focused on creating a safer environment for the little ones in the house.

If you want to know better the entire universe of applications available in this field, take a look at our selection of parental control apps for Android, where you will find utilities to block web pages but also to control many other aspects of life directly related to security and the privacy of yours.

A Quick Guide on How Twitter Works

How Twitter Works

Twitter is a social network born in the technologically distant year 2006. From the beginning, this platform has focused on short messages. So much so that some call Twitter a microblogging platform. Everything on Twitter revolves around user content and their brief states called tweets. The low limit of characters allowed per single tweet (at the beginning 140 characters, now doubled to 280 characters) has proved over the years one of the strengths of this social network.

How Twitter Works

Today Twitter is the social platform on which many world leaders communicate: the president of the United States, the Pope, various sports champions and pop stars. So Twitter more and more often, from an extraordinary means of information, has itself become the news. It is now common to read articles and journalistic insights born from one or more tweets of a famous person.

After registering, some people feel confused, because Twitter is completely different from Facebook. Some similarity is instead encountered with Instagram, which has borrowed part of the structure.

How to sign up for Twitter?

To use Twitter the first step is to register a Twitter profile, this is very simple and immediate, you can do it by going to the official page of the social network or by downloading the app for Android or iOS.

In all three circumstances, the procedure is similar, just press the “Subscribe” button and complete the form by entering the usual data: email (or telephone number), the username of your account, the password we have chosen (it will be the one that we will have to enter to access the service), name, surname, year of birth.

Once registration is complete, both on desktop and mobile, you will be invited to enter your profile photos and then indicate your main interests.

By indicating your interests, the social network can suggest which profiles to follow to start reading messages posted by other people on your Home. You will also be asked if you want to use the contacts in your address book to find friends already registered on Twitter, you can accept them by pressing the “Import contacts” button or reject them by pressing “No thanks”.

Now that the registration is complete, it’s time to introduce us to the functioning of the platform, exploring its various aspects.

How Does Twitter Work?

It is a social network that bases everything on immediacy, so much so that it is perfect for mobile use. On Twitter, everything revolves around content, without unnecessary distractions or interactions.

How To Use Twitter

The interface that we will face after logging in is the following, consisting of several parts:

  • The field in which to insert new tweets, that is the messages that everyone writes, we will discuss in detail in the dedicated section.
  • In the “timeline” (or history), here we will find in the order of time all the tweets of the accounts or hashtags we follow.
  • The “Trends for you”, also called “trend topics”, are the topics that have had the most tweets in their region in the last few hours.
  • The bar with icons that allow you to access various important aspects, from the top: the first button allows you to return to the “Home”; the second allows you to enter the screen dedicated to the topics (topics) of the moment; the third allows access to notifications; the fourth to direct messages; the fifth to the lists; the sixth to his own profile; the seventh is the menu button that hides other items, the last is a large blue button that is used to create new tweets.
  • At the top right of the interface is the convenient search box, useful for finding accounts and tweets of interest to us.

Limitations on Twitter

However, there are some limitations when operating on Twitter that you must keep in mind:

  • it is not possible to customize your profile;
  • we have already mentioned the 280 character limit for each tweet;
  • it is possible to send a maximum of 1000 direct messages per day;
  • you can make a maximum of 2400 tweets within 24 hours;
  • you can follow up to 400 new people per day.

How do you post a message on Twitter?

The “public messages” of the social network are called tweets and can be of different types:

  • common tweet, which can contain different types of content, text, images (including gifs), videos, or polls;
  • retweeting, involves republishing someone else’s content;
  • the answer, it’s about replying to someone else’s content (it’s basically a comment);
  • the mention is a public tweet addressed to another person;
  • the promoted tweet is a sponsored content.
  • The different types of tweets are identified by their own symbology:
  • the @ allows you to mention another account, thus making a mention;
  • the # character identifies the hashtags that label the contents.

Creating a new tweet on Twitter is very easy, although the procedure is slightly different depending on the platform, on desktop:

  • we go to the main page of the social network;
  • immediately at the top of the centre will appear the section where you can enter your status, with a lot of mentions (@ account name) or hashtag (#topic);
  • you can enrich your message by adding multimedia elements (images, videos or animated Gifs ), emojis, or polls (using the appropriate icons);
  • once completed you can send by pressing the ” Tweet ” button.
  • Alternatively, you can open the box to send a tweet by clicking on the ” Tweet ” button in the last position in the list on the left of the screen.

How to Activate NFL Game Pass On Devices activate

NFL is the ultimate magical world for all football fans. The craze and passion for football will never go for them; well, this article is for those soccer lovers who want to play more even when they are sitting back in their homes. NFL Com is one of the right places to play football digitally. You can install the on Your Mobile Device to play the ultimate soccer at home. activate

At the beginning of the 21st century, it is not new to play your favorite outdoor game indoors with a mobile application. However, the interesting part is, this app will give you the flavor, close to the outdoor. Surprisingly, many millennials from all over the United Stateshave become the happy user of this application.

Activate NFL Service at Roku Device

To activate NFL Game Pass on your Roku device, you have to follow these instructions below:

  • First, launch your Roku device and go to the home screen.
  • Then, you have to select the Steaming Channels option.
  • Then, you have to click on the Search Channels option.
  • Then, on the search bar, you need to enter NFL.
  • Then, you have to click on NFL from the list.
  • Then, simply click on the Add Channel button to start NFL on your Roku device.
  • After launching the channel, you will get an activation code on your screen. Please make a note of it.
  • Then, visit this link from your PC or mobile device.
  • Then, on the given field, you need to enter the activation code.

NFL Game Pass on Firestick

Like Roku and Apple TV, you’ll need to purchase NFL Game Pass from its official website and match it with the NFL app. Here’s how to download the NFL app.

NFL Game Pass on Firestick

  • From the main menu of your Amazon Fire TV, find and click Apps.
  • Scroll over to Categories and choose Sports.
  • Click on the NFL app. A page will populate, and select Get in order to download.
  • Open the app and select Activate NFL Game Pass.
  • If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to sign up for NFL Game Pass Fire Stick. Once you have done so, sign in with your new credentials.
  • The NFL app appears next to your other apps and subscriptions in the grid located on your Home page.
  • All you need to do is click on the app to access Game Pass.

The football enthusiast is fond of the application. From the previous user’s report and the analytical tool, it has been cleared that the application is well appreciated and downloaded by a lot of people of the nation. Therefore, you can upload the NFL Com Activate on Your Device without any hesitation.

How to Create Your Own Store Within Aptoide

Create Your Own Store Within Aptoide

Aptoide allows any user to create their own application store. This is especially useful if you are a developer and want to publicize your work. In this article, we tell you how you can do it yourself. First of all, register on the platform. You can use your Google account, Facebook account or a valid email address.

Create Your Own Store Within Aptoide

  • Once you have your own username and profile, tap on Create a Store.
  • Select the name of your store and the colour theme that you think is appropriate. Remember that you can also add a logo by clicking on the store icon, located at the top of the screen. Once you finish the configuration, use the Create store button to confirm.
  • Now, on your profile page, the store you just created will be displayed. With the Edit button, you can modify some details, such as the description and the colours.
  • You have everything ready to upload your own applications. You just need a tool called Aptoide Uploader. You can download it from the link visible at the bottom of the previous screenshot, or directly using our green Download button.
  • After the installation, open Aptoide Uploader. It will automatically detect your Aptoide account and the name of your store. Tap on login as.
  • Finally, select the applications you want to upload. These must be installed in your terminal. To continue, use the Submit apps button.
  • Finally, check that the upload was completed successfully. Do so by returning to Aptoide and visiting your app store. You can see your latest uploads in the Latest apps section.
  • The creation of personalized stores is one of the most differential characteristics of this repository. However, the fact that anyone can load their own applications is a good reason to be extremely careful when installing software from Aptoide.

Gesture Recognition on Personal Computers

Gesture Recognition

Computers of the future can be controlled simply with our gestures. SoftKinetic, a Belgian company specialized in software and hardware dedicated to gesture recognition, and Intel have joined forces to offer consumers computers capable of assimilating, translating and processing our movements as an order or action without the need for the intervention of other external devices to regulate operation. Supposedly, this will be a reality on the horizon of 2013. But what is certain is that it opens the doors to a new way of understanding consumer technology.

Gesture Recognition

Focused on the development and production of cameras and gesture recognition programs, this coalition has pursued an amazing technology that has been installed among us for some time, much longer than we think a priori. Surely we can remember the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox, which allowed users to put aside the controls to use their own body in the interaction with the scene developed in the game. Each movement has an exact repetition interpreted by the computer, creating an effect of augmented or virtual reality before our eyes.

Working in this field, you can already taste great results. In this video simulation, it is visually explained how the transmission of body movement to various on-screen applications works.

The theory ends here. This technology is not limited to powerful business or corporate computers, but will also be available on personal computers. Through DepthSense, a camera built into the PC, all movements will be recorded and adapted to a computer-readable language. Finally, and after understanding the data, they will become commands that carry out specific actions.

The camera will be able to detect our body at a minimum distance of 15 centimetres, which guarantees us to live a totally different experience from the one we are used to. Will we see physical keyboards and mice disappear as we said these days?

The vision of gesture recognition is that of a digital world with natural and intuitive interfaces, which allow absolute control and freedom to explore and enjoy it, taking advantage of a wide range of gesture interpretation devices and applications around this technology.

Inevitably, these advances raise many questions. Devices as popular in recent times as tablets and smartphones base their usability on the touch screen, but will we see any of them working without even having to put a finger on them? Its practical application goes beyond the barriers of consumer technology and also serves to provide new developments in fields such as medicine. How far will it go?

Fusion Strength and Performance Technology

Fusion Strength

Today we have presented Movistar Fusión, a new offer that takes a vital step in that strategy that defines us as a company and that involves pampering customers. A year ago we started a major change that has resulted in a healthier company that understands customers better. Movistar Fusión represents an integrated telecommunications offering that was created with the aim of becoming the best and most competitive in the sector.

Fusion Strength

Movistar Fusion is the most important move we have made for our clients in Spain in recent years and, as I said, makes the client the center of our decisions. In fact, of the many focus groups, calls, surveys and questions that we have asked users to design this offer, two figures caught our attention: 8 out of 10 clients consider it essential to have all services with the same operator and 6 out of 10 believe that Movistar is the operator best qualified to do so. The message was clear: customers want to have all their communications with a single operator, they want simplicity, transparency and to be able to save by having everything with the same company. And with a single invoice. And since we listen to our clients, we are going to give them what they ask for. All services with us and a single invoice for the client to see in a single paper, physical or online, what is billed for landline, mobile, ADSL, Fiber or Television.

If I had to highlight the main values ​​of Movistar Fusión, I would say that it is a complete, simple and inexpensive offer of communications and leisure services. It also has an essential value and is that it is customizable by the client, depending on their needs. Movistar Fusión prices will be final prices and forever, and for the first time, customers will receive a single invoice with all their integrated products.

It has been a difficult year for all of us, but I think we can say with satisfaction that we have been brave and we have turned the market around. With Movistar Fusión we take another step in this strategy. Perhaps the longest, most important, and riskiest step we’ve ever taken. Customers will be the ones who will tell us in the coming months if we are on the right track.

How to Increase Online Sales Fast in 2020

Online Sales

The key is to have a site with a exness indonesia reasonable experience, clear and measurable objectives, and then apply tools that make it more personal and relevant to the visitor. Measurement has come to marketing … at least to digital marketing!

Online Sales

Ask any Retailer on-line if you want to improve your sales by 100%, the answer is clear. The return is evident. So how do we do it?

Today the digital world is complex. Behind the apparent simplicity of the web there is a lot of work, many technologies born to make “the digital channel a success”: analytics, web 2.0, usability, searchability, accessibility, and many other “.. ility “.

Is each of them the answer? All of them? There is a common aspect in all of them: Obtain information, measure, and that this knowledge is translated into a personalized and relevant exness id experience for the visitor.

And this is where a new way of testing new experiences and measuring the results comes in in such a way that, for the first time, the full potential of the digital world is extracted to make it fast, easy, and with measurement of results.

So the answer is to combine good business and marketing ideas with excellent optimization tools such as the “Advanced Multivariate Test”.

Until now, we have worked, similar to the traditional world, with common sense as a tool to test a new online campaign, a new product, etc. The results evaluation process took months, with improvement rates rarely exceeding 20%. This is the example of one of the best British Retailers, which has improved its on-line registration process by no less than 50%, but that is, after almost a year of work.

” The fear of spoiling what works “: manual difficulty caused another factor no less important: the fear of change, to jump without a parachute. An on-line travel company told us: ” I know my site can be improved, but with the volume of my online sales, I don’t dare touch anything .” More and more we find this type of attitude that “paralyzes” the evolution of online channels.

Well, let’s speed up this optimization process, with the certainty of measuring and reducing risk. Let’s find the right parachute.

There may be many ideas to test about an online process, and that will require the participation of different areas of the organization (product, sales, marketing, …): The type of message (more emotional, more seller), the extension of the texts, location and types of creatives, different prices, inclusion -or not- of complementary offers … Once we have the important alternatives to test, that’s when the “magic” of an Advanced Multivariate Test comes in.

There are different technologies that allow “publishing” at the same time different combinations (hundreds) of pages with the different options of banners, logos, images, ways of browsing … that we want to test. In this way, each visitor will see a website slightly different from another and, in a few weeks, we will be able to be certain of the optimal page combination.

And that’s not all. Not all visitors are the same and “personalization” and “relevance” are the fashionable concepts that make the online world a scenario that can be adapted to each visitor. Well, this type of “multivariate test” · allows us to identify the best scenario for each “type” of the client. Different types of customers can be considered depending on the geographical location, depending on their frequency of visit (or those who visit us for the first time), or depending on the type of product they have bought or are interested in buying (value of the customer or prospect). The experience could be different because the visitor’s context is different.

This way of working achieves results on many occasions that double and even triple the effectiveness of the site.

Beyond the effectiveness of conversion ratios itself, the value that information brings to the business is very interesting: The “winning” recommendations can question ideas previously extended in the organization. Among others, let’s see some conclusions of a recent process of optimization of online purchase in Telco:

It was demonstrated that commercial aggressiveness (inherited from the call centre) was not applicable in the online purchasing process. The ” buy now! ”Scared away visitors from the claim of“ see more ”that made the user navigate to the next step, analyze the information and finally buy.
Excess products were shown to reduce decision-making power. It is better to propose a few “suggested” products to guide the purchase, rather than “show off” the wide catalogue that scares the potential buyer.

It was shown that the user who came directly from search engines could not make the purchase decision with the scarce information about the product, compared to greater effectiveness of frequent visitors to the site or who have previously navigated through it.
It was confirmed that online exclusivity helps: The text ” buy online ” proved highly effective